Cesare Attolini’s timeless elegance for next spring/summer

In weight.
In line.
In colour.
In the state of mind.

Yet it’s a lightness that doesn’t lack content.

The Cesare Attolini style narrative for the Spring/summer 2017 is driven by a combination of substantial and distinctive values that are always inextricably linked to, and characterised by, their cultural identity. The special know-how has passed through the generations, starting with the first unlined jacket, lightweight by definition, created by Vincenzo Attolini in 1930. It has been nourished by the accumulation of technique in the tailoring craft and is seen in the work of Maestro Cesare and in the idea of fine, impalpable, timeless elegance reinvigorated season after season by Massimiliano and Giuseppe Attolini.

Ispirazioni. Fascinazioni. Istantanee. Memorabili.

cesare-attolini-eleganza-senza-tempo-primavera-estate-2017_1 a

The symbolic garment; the jacket.

It is proposed exclusively in its unlined form, as dictated by the tailoring DNA of this family and the comfort requirements for the spring/summer climate.

Inspiration comes from an iconic imagery that is part English understatement and part Neapolitan sartorial verve. It’s by art, not accident, that the differing shades of dark blue are flanked by beige and terracotta, yet they also range into the more striking tones such as cerulean blue, indigo and bronze.

It’s by art, not accident, that the patterns used are those associated with timeless elegance – stripes, checks, Prince of Wales checks – but recreated with a three-dimension depth that leaves a lasting impression.




The sport jackets, in particular, stand out. Constructed with almost invisible tailoring and. exclusive and sought-after fabrics. The English twisted yarns are light and fresh and for anyone who has to travel frequently they offer comfort and uncreased elegance. It goes without saying that the fine linens and linen/wool/silk blends are also outstanding. The profound knowledge of the sartorial craft finds its finest expression in the micro details which, at times, are innovative.

Blandness is banished as is the pursuit of futile momentary fashions. What remains is simply the distinctive style of the Maison Cesare Attolini that, as always, shows off the best of its talents in the outerwear. It is classic yet at the same time ultra-contemporary. It is iconic, because it resists the usual characteristics typical to the fashions of each era; each recreation redefines the ideals of masculine style.


The fully unlined suits are the perfect exponents of this style. The pinstripe three-piece suit, the anthracite double breasted jacket with peak lapels, the air force blue, mock three-button jacket with tone-on-tone topstitching are all astonishing.


The spirit of elegance finds its distinctive expression in the knitwear line which stands out for its prestigious world exclusive: it uses a yarn created through the intimate blend method, in which every single thread is composed of 80% Sea Island cotton and 20% cashmere. Knits are available in plain coloured patterns or stripes. Complementing this elegance are the short-sleeved knits in linen or cotton and the gilets in cashmere and silk with appliqué details in suede.

Liberty. Impeccable style. Customised.


The trousers demonstrate superb sartorial style, they have a youthful appeal and bold sporting colours: ranging from green to royal blue and even copper red. The silk and cotton version stands out among the trousers, not only for its incredible weightlessness but also for the unusual dusty matt finish to the fabric which belies the presence of the silk.

The jeans are also lightweight and come in different shades. Created in shirt weight fabric, between 6 to 8 ounces, they are, as always, identifiable by the authentic workmanship that is coherent with the tailoring tradition.


The Cesare Attolini DNA for elegance is, of course, also present in the line of Sports outerwear. Classic models are enhanced through the workmanship that goes into their unlined construction. The iconic coat from this line is the 100% cotton, trench coat treated with a water-resistant finish.


Among the sober shirts, which, as always, can be combined equally well with the sport jackets as with the the more formal suits, are a few sporty variations, in linen or linen and cotton, which can be worn on their own without a jacket.

The scarves with sporting attitude. Now as ever, these are the iconic accessories from the Maison Cesare Attolini, loved and recognised for their distinctive micropatterns, designed exclusively by Massimiliano and Giuseppe Attolini and created in prestigious tactile fabrics.