History. Simple Great Stories. SS 2016

It really is true. We are all sons of Thucydides!
You’re probably wondering why?

Because of the idea first expressed by the Athenian general and historian that has become a part of the collective culture. This says that the unfolding of historic events must be analysed from a point of view of human nature, excluding therefore any other intervention, whether by Fate or Divinity.

For this reason, we are sons of Thucydides when we think that History, with a capital H, is inevitably made up of stories.

Stories that tell of the life of men and women.
Stories that sound like ours. However famous they are, or not.
Either stories that remain anonymous or that mark new chapters in the great book of History.
Stories, whose strength lies in the empathy that they manage to arouse in us. In that ability to suggest, deep down, that each of us contributes, every day, with our actions, to the making of history.

The Attolini story tells of a family that has written a famous, significant page in the book that narrates gentlemen’s elegance. And yet, at the same time, it is simply the tale of people who have always, one generation after another, worked with great passion and their own aware ethical and aesthetic identity.


Deep, clear, distinctive.

We are convinced that our story is written, day after day, in the tailor’s shop, following the trail  of values and heritage of knowhow blazed by our grandfather Vincenzo and our father Cesare: excellence, total quality, real artisanship, creativity, timeless elegance”, says Massimiliano Attolini. “We are firmly convinced that every jacket, every suit, every coat,  every garment that leaves our tailor’s shop must be able to tell our story, our meaningful values throughout the generations. This is why we have decided to create a new path for our communication, its strength based on the idea that history is made up of the stories of simple men with the ability to breathe life into ideas, products, actions, each one in each sector capable of leaving a mark on the course of events. This was the case with our grandfather Vincenzo, who created the first destructured jacket in history. This was also the case – and still is – with our father Cesare, who has perfected that intuition, taking it to maximum quality levels. And we hope it will also be the case with us, the latest generation, following a path of internationalisation we undertook about ten years ago”.

cesare-attolini-editoriale-2Probably the worst mistake that someone in our business can make is to turn to banal statements and sterile, stereotype clichés. We have always wanted to express an idea of timeless authentically tailored elegance, and to do so we have chosen an authentic, timeless language for communication. We based it on the awareness that very few other countries in the world apart from Italy can boast a unique heritage, characterised by excellences in every sector of knowledge and knowhow. Without a doubt, in our eyes, it is this inclination to creativity in all its forms that represents the best Italian expression, able to fascinate the whole world, from east to west, thanks to talent made in Italy and the uniqueness of its expression”, continues Giuseppe Attolini. “But the story of Italian creativity is made up of lots of individual stories, as simple as they are great. Stories of talents, knowledge and families that hand down unique knowhow from one generation to the next. We thus imagined, for presentation of each of the two collections of annual style, setting the photo story in the fascinating places of origin of the products of other excellent main players of authentic, high-quality made in Italy. And, after the story of the Autumn-Winter 2015/16 collection, produced in Montalcino and Florence, thanks to collaboration with Luce della Vite of the Marchesi Frescobaldi, for the Spring-Summer 2016 we had the pleasure of writing a wonderful story on the legendary banks of Lake Como with two unique co-players, the famous Ernesto Riva boatyard in Laglio and the Casta Diva Resort in Blevio”.