Workshops of italian luxury: Cesare Attolini dresses Columbus Yachts

At the Monaco Yacht Show 2016, the two brands, excellent representatives of expert craftsmanship “made in Naples”, will be presenting an interesting partnership project.

Monaco, 28th September – 1st October 2016

At the Monaco Yacht Show 2016, from 28 September to 1 October, the two brands, excellent representatives of expert craftsmanship “made in Naples”, will be presenting an interesting partnership project.
Columbus Yachts, one of the exclusive brands at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016 – the most prestigious international showcase for super and mega yachts – will be presenting a preview of its partnership with the famous Neapolitan tailoring establishment Cesare Attolini.
Bringing together the two brands, in addition to their shared Neapolitan roots, are some common and distinctive traits for both: two stories of family businesses, those of the Attolinis and the Palumbos, dating back more than a decade and guided over time and generations with meaningful values at the helm, such as authentic knowledge and expertise, an ongoing, indispensable strive for excellence without compromise and a willingness to establish fruitful dialogue with customers with the aim of satisfying their needs with tailored and customised solutions.
Columbus Yachts is in fact an extraordinary symbol of completely custom-made construction, following the “no-range” principle thanks to the versatility of its naval platforms and the skill of its master craftsmen. Veritable tailoring for yachts, in short.




During the important event in Monaco, the Management Board of Columbus Yachts will present the idea of timeless elegance that the most famous of Neapolitan tailoring establishments has imagined custom-made for its representatives, by wearing it.
A sophisticated, unstructured jacket, as the DNA of the Cesare Attolini brand dictates, with a Glen plaid pattern, characterised by shades of light blue brimming with personality, with contrasting white patterns. Colour inspirations that inevitably derive from iconographic nautical imagery, despite being interpreted in accordance with the stylistic features of sophistication and understatement typical of the brand.
Worn together with white cotton trousers with a sportier cut for daytime occasions and dark grey trousers with a more formal cut in a fine blend of cotton and impalpable cashmere for more formal circumstances.




A perfectly successful pairing, that between Columbus Yachts and Cesare Attolini, one which will not come to an end with this partnership opportunity, but will no doubt see even more interesting developments in the near future.

Always following the trail of excellence that is “made in Naples”.