Following Jep Gambardella, here’s Fred Ballinger

Youth – written and directed by the Oscar-winning director – premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and in Italian cinemas.
The film tells the alpine holiday story of two old friends: Fred Ballinger (masterfully played by Michael Caine), composer and orchestra director who has abandoned his profession, and Mick (Harvey Keitel), a film director who lives for cinema and is writing his most significant movie.
The main topic – needless to say – is age, aging: “Time passing by – says Sorrentino – what lies behind us and what is left to live is the real point, as far as I’m concerned. The film is entitled Youth because it is the future I am interested in: the future meant as a free area, a condition of existence that has nothing to do with one’s age.”


Thus, just as for The Divo and The Great Beauty, Cesare, Massimiliano and Giuseppe Attolini studied the protagonist and tailor-made his stylish personality, without setting aside the ever refined and elegant profile of the great Michael Caine.
The exciting collaboration with Carlo Poggioli, famous costume designer on the international stage, was developed throughout the entire creative process, ranging from the choice of fabrics to lines and matches.
The skilled hands of Cesare Attolini’s tailors at the tailoring lab of Casalnuovo have cut and sewn all costumes worn by Caine/ Ballinger: an extraordinary fine 4-ply Saharan green cashmere, star of one of the crucial scenes of the film; an unforgettable Tailcoat; a refined and delicately blue striped Prince of Wales; an elegant gray pinstripe suit; a fine blue jacket matched, according to the label, with a classic pair of dark gray flannel trousers.


British style – what else, given the native London origins of both the actor Caine and the protagonist Ballinger – yet interpreted by the harmonious, soft, non-stiff and timeless elegance labeled Cesare Attolini.
“Therefore, the approach is completely different from the fiery, rather dandy, elegance worn by Jep Gambardella, masterfully interpreted by Toni Servillo in The Great Beauty, yet it still conveys thorough personality,” says Giuseppe Attolini. “Lines and colors are more rigorous and we believe, and hope, they will be able to contribute to the distinctive traits of a highly interesting character traced by Paolo Sorrentino.”

“Once again, it was an honor for us to match our garments with what we strongly believe is today’s best expression of Italian cinema”, says Massimiliano Attolini. “What most engaged us in all these years of collaboration with Paolo Sorrentino and his team, from The Divo to The Great Beauty, up to this movie , is the meaningful opportunity to share creativity; our knowledgeable craftsmanship and expressive ability to foster elegance support a story and its main character, to accurately build personality. So it was for Giulio Andreotti and Jep Gambardella played by Servillo, so it is for Fred Ballinger played by Caine: exceptional opportunities to design a resourcefully creative atmosphere!”